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Canoe seat back

A good tip for those who use their canoe often is to get a high quality canoe seat back. Having these makes going out on the water even more enjoyable and comfortable. Below are shown some canoe seats which are available online. By providing cushion as well as some support for one’s back, seats such […]

Canoe rod holder

When selecting a canoe rod holder, one of the first choices is what sort of attachment you’re looking for. For a canoe the easiest is typically a clamp-on style rod holder. The flush deck mount type rod holders are also possible to attach, either directly to the canoe rail, or in some cases one of […]

Cheap canoes

Canoes come and many different price points, and the price depends on several factors such as the length of the canoe, the number of seats, the construction (fiberglass, metal, polyethylene, or inflatable), whether the canoe has a square back or not, weight capacity, the quality of construction, etc… When looking for an inexpensive canoe a […]

Canoes for sale used

When looking for canoes for sale used there are several options. One way is online perhaps on craigslist or ebay. Another is to check your local garage sales, which in many parts of the US are typically held on Saturdays. Though garage sale shopping requires a lot of driving and patience since it may take […]

Inflatable canoe

When storage space is a premium an inflatable canoe is a wonderful choice. No roof rack, no problem: an inflatable canoe packs into a small space like the trunk of of car easily. Inflatable canoes also tend to be less expensive than regular canoes, and they can be fairly light too. Several examples are shown […]

Wood canoe paddles

Wood canoe paddles are strong and generally quite beautiful. Some examples of wooden canoe paddles in a variety of price ranges are shown below: As seen in the images, wood canoe paddles consist of a wooden rod or shaft with the blade on one end, and the handle on the other. Some of the above […]

Aluminum canoe trailer

Light and strong, and aluminum canoe trailer is a good choice when weight is a factor. Below are several examples of such items, two are trailers, and one is a smaller carrier. Good luck in your search for the perfect aluminum canoe trailer.